Q: How do I access the Design Builder?
Access to our Design Builder is directly tied to order number. Don’t know the fonts, stain or colors yet? No problem. All you need to order is Size, Shape and the baby’s names. Leave fonts, colors, and stains as default and we will use your Design Builder file to cut. If you add embellishments like flowers or mountains later, we can bill you for these Add-Ons. Upon purchase, use your Order Number and email to access our viewer. 

Q: I don't want to design myself with the Design Builder. Do you offer mock-ups before cutting?
Absolutely! We provide full color mock-ups within 3 business days if you choose not to use our Design Builder software. Timing is everything! Each round of mock-up revisions delays your order so let's try to get it right the first time. Be as descriptive as possible when ordering. Check your email folders! If we do not hear back from you after our initial mock-up, we assume its approved to cut!

Q: I'm due soon, can I rush my order?
Yes! We can shorten the processing time to 1 week with the purchase of the Rush My Order found under "Add-Ons". Shipping time (typically one week) remains the same unless you request and pay for faster shipping than USPS Priority Mail which is our standard.

Q: I can't find what I'm looking for. Do you create custom designs?
Yes! We are constantly creating new lines, but if you have an idea we don't yet offer, we absolutely can try to create your vision. Our Design Fee is 30.00 USD. Please allow for an extra two week delay beyond our 3-4 week processing time. 

Q: Do you create only nursery decor, or can you do business logos, wedding signage and custom quotes?
Yes! We create custom business signage all of the time. We love creating specialized wedding signs. Of course we can create general quote cut outs for your home decor needs. Contact us for details.

Q: Do you offer gift cards?
Yes! https://thepolymathmom.com/collections/digital-downloads/products/gift-card. We offer gift cards from $25.00 all the way up to $200.00.

Q: I received my sign, how do I install the included sawtooth hanger kit?
Please refer to our video (https://vimeo.com/344391168).  Find the center point of your sign. Use a pencil to draw a line 1/3 of the way down from the top. This is where you can hand screw the saw-tooth hanger. It will not puncture the sign if using the custom washers with the screws. Do not pre-drill and do not use an electric screwdriver.